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Friday, November 7, 2014

Police recover crude bombs, CID diffuse

Malda, 17 October, 2014: Within 24 hours of the third recent explosion at Hatichapa village in Kaliachak, district police recovered considerable number of 'deadly' live bombs from near a cemetry at Kanditola village of BinnagarII gram panchayat in Kaliachak police stations on Thursday night. Those bombs were disposed off by the bomb squad personnel of the CID today around 12.30 pm on the spot.

Bombs found in Kaliachak
Though the villagers claimed that as many as 57 such bombs were recovered,  SP Prasun Banerjee informed that no more than 15 bombs were recovered.

CID officials diffusing bombs
Banerjee refused to comment about the type of the bombs but saod those were essentially crude ones.

Those bombs were in size of small plastic balls in which red and white powder were inserted. Those balls are first cut in two equal pieces and after puting explosive powder within those two parts are attached again as learnt from sources.

Sources further informed that such pretty handy bombs are known as 'cocktail bombs' as two different explosive powders - red and white in colour are used to manufacture those bombs.

These bombs have recently become popular among miscreants as those can be lobbed to a distant target and that too safely.

A four-member bomb squad of CID led by Mr Malay Bhadra reached Kanditola village and disposed those bombs off today. Deafening sound produced during diffusion scared the villagers.

Trinamul upa-pradhan of BinnagarII GP Bablu Sheikh said recovery of bombs and explosions show the rise in miscreants' activities.

SP Prasun Banerjee however said that district police team have been performing commendably in curbing crimes.

"Recovery of these bombs show that Malda police personnel have the unquestionable ability to monitor and curb crimes well in advance. The rank and file of district police are working round the clock to ensure security of the citizens," he said.

The SP further informed that police have been probing to know whether the recovery of those bombs was in any way connected to the recent explosions in the district. "

Civic Volunteer’s parents seek apologies from Mamata Banerjee

Malda, 16 October, 2014: Parents of Bapi Pal, the civic volunteer from Harischandrapur who was arrested for passing vulgar remarks against the chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Facebook, met him at Malda correctional home today amid tears and sought unconditional pardon from the CM through media for the ‘gross mistake’ of their youngest son.

A retired railway employee Mukul Pal and his wife Sulochana Pal reached Malda from Harischandrapur by train today and went straight to the correctional home to meet Bapi. The young civic volunteer burst in tears seeing his parents waiting outside the jail. The parents too could not help sobbing.

Pal said, “What Bapi did is a huge mistake. He was out of service for four months and was reeling under acute depression. Perhaps he made the elephantine mistake under the spell of frustration.”

However, he with eyes full of tears sought unconditional apologies from the CM for his son’s mistake. “Bapi never spends a night outside. Now, he is in jail. It is beyond endurance of the parents,” Pal said hoping that his son’s mistake would be generously forgiven and he would be freed soon.

Residents of Janakinagar village too hoped that though Bapi’s mistake was a huge one, the chief minister Mamata Banerjee would forgive him.

Registrar-release drama ends in UGB

Malda, 16 October, 2014: Drama over the release of the officiating registrar kept the University of Gour Banga (UGB) rocking on Thursday also after Shyamsundar Bairagya, the registrar on additional made a dramatic shuffle late Wednesday night though he intended to remain in UGB in the evening.

Finally, Prof Bairagya was released on lien late this evening and Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Gopal Mishra himself kept the charge of the registrar for an indefinite period.

It may be mentioned that outgoing registrar Prof Bairagya made numerous twists to keep his departure from UGB a dramatic one till the last hour. On 19 September he first sought release from the VC stating that he would join Visva Bharati University on lien.

Since then he kept the matter of leaving UGB shrouded in mystery changing his mind time and again. Initially he claimed that despite his intense desire to join Visva Bharati, he could not do so as the release order from UGB was not issued to him. Again he hinted sometimes that he would continue as the registrar on additional charge honoring the request of the UGB authorities.

Even yester after having a brief talk with the VC, the outgoing registrar Prof Bairagya told the media he would not join Visva Bharati for the time being as the release order was not issued. But suddenly he left for Bolpur late last night and informed the VC over phone this morning that he finally made his mind to join Visva Bharati and sought release from the UGB again.

Following such vacillation of Prof Bairagya, teachers and officers of UGB kept speculating the whole day whether he would finally leave the varsity. Rumours were fanned by contradictory claims from different UGB circles. District TMCP president Prasenjit Das kept vigil on the development from Kolkata.

Speculations received newer dimension after district Trinamul Congress president Dr Moazzem Hossain suddenly reached the UGB to meet the VC in the evening. Though, Dr Hossain claimed that it was a ‘courtesy visit,’ he also mentioned that the ruling party has several plans about the varsity which would gradually come to the fore after the festive season is over.

VC Prof Gopal Mishra said, “Prof Bairagya was released this evening. As of now I would keep the charge of the registrar with myself.”

Chit-fund agent accused of killing depositor in Kaliachak

Malda, 16 October, 2014: After a depositor of a ponzi scheme Dipak Mandal (30) demanded maturity amount on his investment, a chit-fund agent Manik Mandal and his henchmen allegedly beat him to death at Bhimtola village in Kaliachak police station on Wednesday night.

SP, Malda Prasun Banerjee said that receiving a written complaint from the deceased’s wife Bandana Mandal, police have initiated a probe. The prime accused has been absconding but police are trying to arrest him shortly.

Bandana Mandal informed police that her husband deposited Rs 15,000 in three yearly installments to Rose Valley chit-fund company through its certified agen Manik Mandal. The depositor was promised a double return after five years. On Wednesday morning Dipak, a daily wage earner demanded the due amount back from Manik and a ruckus followed between them, she said.
Bereaved wife of the deceased chit-fund investor
According to her last night Manik and some others took out Dipak around 9 pm last night. As he did not return till 11, his worried wife went to Manik’s house where Dipak was allegedly beaten black and blue by Manik and his group.

Recovering her husband in a critical condition Bandana rushed him to Malda Medical College Hospital where Dipak succumbed to his injuries on Thursday morning.

Local said that Manik Mandal collected a large amount from many villagers as deposit to Rose Valley but many of those depositors were allegedly harassed at the time of getting back the maturity amount.

Another explosion in Kaliachak rocks the district

Malda, 16 October, 2014: After Narendrapur village in English Bazaar and Bajeapti village in Baishnabnagar yet another explosion rocked Hatichapa village of Binnagar I gram panchayat in Kaliachak police station on Wednesday night.

However, police could not identify the injured in the explosion though the locals claimed that few miscreants who were manufacturing bombs were seriously wounded when those bombs exploded.

Though none has yet been arrested, three persons were detained and a small vehicle allegedly used for carrying the injured was seized.

Additional SP Abhishek Modi rushed to Hatichapa village with a large contingent of police to take stock of the situation little after the explosion at 8 pm last night. Some items used for manufacturing bombs were collected from the spot by police.

Azahar Sheikh, a local grocer said that police were late to reach the spot. Meanwhile the injured fled.

Meanwhile, blame-game started between Congress and Trinamul Congress over the explosion.

Trinamul leader of Binnagar – I zone Naosad Ali said claimed that bombs exploded when some miscreants were busy manufacturing those at the house of a Congress activist Murshed Sheikh. Few people were injured in explosion. “Police raided the village before to find the bombs piled by the Congress miscreants but those bombs were then concealed. Now, after the explosion Congress leaders are trying to hush up the matter,” Mr Ali said.

Kaliachak I Congress leader Farman Sheikh on the claimed that Trinamul miscreants had gathered huge number of crude bombs which suddenly exploded leaving one Alauddin Sheikh (35) injured. He said that Murshed Sheikh had no connection with explosion but he fled anticipating police harassment as his house is at the vicinity of the spot of the explosion.

SP, Prasun Banerjee said, “Police reached spot in time and some ingredients of bomb were recovered. It is also being seen what kind of bomb exploded there.”

Banerjee further informed that a nano car was seized and its owner, driver and a quack medical practitioner were detained for interrogation.

Minister inspects MMCH with DM and SP

Malda, 15 October, 2014: Food processing minister and chairman of district patients’ welfare committee Krishnendu Choudhury along with DM Sharad Dwivedi and SP Prasun Banerjee paid a surprise visit to Malda Medical College Hospital (MMCH) on Wednesday. Along with supervising the progress of construction work in MMCH, the minister examined the conditions of different wards as well.

Medical super and vice principal of MMCH Dr MA Rashid, deputy super Dr Jyotish Chandra Das and other officials were with the inspection team during the visit. Choudhury said, “We spoke to the officials of the construction agency to know about the progress of work. We want to to be completed immediately.”

It may be mentioned that Medical Council of India (MCI) during its inspections expressed strong discontent several times with the pace of construction of buildings in MMCH. Even the recognition of MMCH was at a stake a number of times following slow construction. It has been learnt that a team from MCI may reach MMCH shortly for a surprise inspection again.

Choudhury said, “We spoke to the relatives of the patients and asked them about the services rendered in here. We did not receive any serious complaint from any end during the visit.” Dr Rashid said, “The minister and the administrative officials expressed satisfaction with the services in MMCH and assured us of cooperation and support if required to develop the services.”

Five train passengers drugged, robbed

Malda, 15 October, 2014: Government railway police (GRP) recovered five senseless train-passengers from the general compartment of Katihar bound down Haate-Bajare express on Wednesday morning. Those passengers were reportedly drugged and robbed by some miscreants, GRP informed.

After recovering them in deplorable conditions those passengers were rushed to Malda Medical College Hospital. They were identified as Amirul Sheikh (27), Mohammed Manzarul (29), Sanjay Mandal (30), Karu Mandal (28) and Ranjit Kumar (32). They are from Katihar district in Bihar.

GRP sources informed that all of those passengers were migrated labourers. They went to Delhi as labourers and were going to Katihar. In the train some miscreants offered them cold drinks added with strong sedatives. As soon as they went senseless, the miscreants allegedly looted their gold and silver rings, mobile phones, other valuables and Rs 10,000 in cash.

Inspector in charge (IC) of Malda GRP Gopal Krishna Dutta said that those passengers were recovered in a senseless condition and sent to MMCH immediately. Later, GRP spoke to one of them. Depending on his statement GRP initiated an enquiry and the started searching the gang of miscreants.

Customs recover five firearms from bus

Malda, 15 October: Acting on a tip off the custom officials raided a state transports corporation bus in search of fake currency but the recovery of five firearms together from the bus on Tuesday evening along with Rs 5,000 Indian currency quite surprised even them also.

Deputy commissioner of the customs department Rajiv Ranjan today displayed the firearms recovered from the south Dinajpur bound bus before the media. “We had information that fake currency was being sent to south Dinajpur by a bus belonging to state transport corporation. Immediately our officials chased the bus from Malda. Our counterparts in south Dinajpur was communicated too,” he said.

Later the bus was detained at Publiganj area in south Dinajpur and the custom teams from Malda and south Dinajpur jointly raided the bus. It was then those five 9mm pistols and the original Indian currencies were recovered.

Those firearms were later handed over to police. Police suspect that those firearms were being sent to some notorious criminals.

Civic volunteer arrested for abusive comments against CM in Facebook

Malda, 14 October, 2014: Passing grossly filthy remarks in writing against chief minister Mamata Banerjee in Facebook, a popular social networking site put a civic volunteer Bapi Pal (25) behind the bar. After receiving a written complaint from district president of the minority cell of Trinamul Congress Mohammed Zamirul Islam police promptly arrested the youth from his house at Janakinagar village in Harischandrapur police station on Tuesday night.

When the accused was produced in Chanchal sub divisional court on Wednesday, the judge asked to send him to jail custody for 14 days.

It has been learnt from police sources that Bapi Pal is one of those 4,800 civic volunteers who are presently out of service. After graduating from Chanchal College he joined as a civic volunteer. His father and a retired railway employee Mukul Pal said that it was beyond the family’s imagination that youngest of his three sons would make such a vulgar statement against the CM.

However, Pal claimed that after having remained out of service for more than four months Bapi was reeling under acute frustration that might have resulted in such manifestation. The mentally shattered father nevertheless conceded that Bapi had made a grievous mistake.

But Harischandrapur II block Trinamul president Tobarak Hossain believes that the civic volunteer passed the quite derogatory remarks deliberately. “He not only made a crime by passing such heinous remarks but tried to tarnish the image of the chief minister too,” Hossain said defending the police action.

State secretary of West Bengal civic police association (WBCPA) Sanjoy Paria said, “We do not support the vulgar remarks allegedly made by Bapi. But his agony of unemployment has to be taken into consideration too. His name figured in the first list of appointment of civic police personnel. But for last four months he was sitting idle. Even he did not get his dues. Strong despair may have prompted him in committing such nuisance.”

Meanwhile, it has been learnt from police sources the youth’s chance of getting back his job is now virtually nil after the incident.

SP, Malda Prasun Banerjee said, “The youth was arrested after police received a written complaint. An enquiry has been started.”

GBU teachers and acting registrar apply for full-time registrar post

Malda, 14 October, 2014: After the University of Gour Banga (UGB) registrar on additional charge Prof Shyamsundar Bairagya intended to seek release to join the Visva-Bharati University, senior teachers and officers have started knocking the doors of the ruling party and key-persons of the state higher education department to get selected for the post.

Meanwhile, in a twist to the GBU affair Prof Bairagya has applied for the post of permanent registrar also along with some of his varsity colleagues after the UGB issued an advertisement for permanent registrar and controller of examinations (COE).

An influential leader of district Trinamul Congress concerned with UGB affairs said, “It is true we have been approached by some teachers and officers of the UGB who are keen to be the registrar on additional charge after Prof Bairagya.”

However, he added that the ruling party was satisfied with Prof Bairagya’s performance in the capacity of registrar and wants him to continue working with the UGB.

UGB sources informed that 18 applications were received for the posts of the registrar and the COE. It has been learnt that former officiating COE Rajat Kishore De, former assistant COE Sadhan Saha, present officiating COE Sanatan Das and Prof Bairagya are among those 18 persons who applied for the posts.

Nine applications were received for the post of registrar and another nine applications were received for the post of COE.

But UGB sources informed that the authorities cannot go ahead with the appointment process of the permanent registrar as the matter has been legally stayed till 14 November.

Prof Bairagya said, “According to the order of the high court the appointment of the registrar cannot be taken up till 14 November. But there has been no bar in appointing the permanent COE.”

It may be mentioned that the post of the UGB registrar remained under controversy for long and as many as nine teachers of the varsity have so far served as the officiating COE.

More than 10,000 Bangladesh nationals living in Malda with EPIC claims BJP

Malda, 14 October, 2014: More than ten thousand Bangladesh citizens have been living in different areas in the district. A large number of such people have also taken refuge in English Bazaar as well and many of them have already got their voter-cards as well. Claiming this BJP has demanded immediate action against those Bangladesh nationals.

District BJP leaders said that they have been long been raising the issue and the district administrations have not yet taken any action in this regard yet.

District BJP general secretary Ajay Ganguly said, “Whenever we served deputations to the district administrations, we informe the officials about such people from Bangladesh who are living in the district. Surprisingly, many of them have managed to get the electors’ photo-identity cards (EPICs) as well.”

“It is not that we are highlighting the matter only after the explosion in Burdwan. This is an old and proven fact. But the district administrations have not been acting on this seriously despite our several reminders,” Ganguly claimed.

Malda DM Sharad Dwivedi however refused to comment in this regard. But administrative sources informed that a large number of such voters who still hold their citizenship in Bangladesh as well  have been identified and proper action would be taken in this regard.

Meanwhile it has been learnt from district administration sources that the draft voters’ list for 2014-2015 would be published on Wednesday and there would be provisions for inclusion and exclusion. Interestingly, there has been substantive rise in the number of voters in few assembly constituencies according to sources.

Sources further informed that in the draft voters’ list there are 2,29,692 voters in English Bazaar with a rise of approximately 3,000 voters in a gap of only few months, administrative sources informed. In Malda (SC) assembly constituency the number of voters in the draft voters’ list is 1,95,524 and there has been a rise of approximately 2,000 voters. It has been learnt from sources that total number of electors in the district in the draft voters’ list is 23,92,681.

During his recent visit to Malda state BJP president Rahul Sinha sternly criticized the state government and former UPA government on the issue of infiltration from Bangladesh. Sinha said that after the NDA government came to power, strict vigil was being maintained to prevent such infiltrations from Bangladesh.

District Trinamul Congress president Dr Moazzem Hossain however said that BJP was trying to create sensation raising such issues. “BSF is under the Central government and hence it is the responsibility of the Central government to prevent infiltration,” Dr Hossain said.

State INTUC general secretary Narendranath Tiwary has also criticized BJP’s claim. “BJP is in power in the centre now. So, they should concentrate on preventing infiltration rather than indulging in politics on worn-out issues.”

Unrecognized madrassahs come under lens

Malda, 14 October, 2014: Initiative on the part of the police administrations has been taken to gather information about the unauthorized madrassahs in the district, claims sources in the education department. Though the heads of the district and police administrations forthright denied any such recent initiative, it has been learnt from the district education department that police asked for some information about the unauthorized madrassahs in the district.

It may be mentioned that The Statesman published on the basis of the intelligence sources that around 450 such madrassahs are being run at different areas in the district. However, district and police administrations have no specific information about the number of such Khariji madrassahs.

Malda DM Sharad Dwivedi on Tuesday said, “We have no information about the number of unrecognized madrassahs in the district. We have received no such instruction also to gather information about those as well.”

It may be mentioned that on 10 October additional SP Abhishek Modi also conceded that district police did not have the precise information regarding the accurate number of unauthorized madrassahs in the district.

However, intelligence sources informed approximately 450 such madrassahs are mushrooming in different parts of the district. Three blocks in Kaliachak, two blocks each in Ratua have good number of such madrassahs, the intelligence sources informed.

District minority affairs office also could not furnish data about such Khariji madrassahs. But the district officer of minority affairs (DOMA) Krishnava Ghosh informed that once initiative was taken to collect list of such unrecognized madrassahs but later the process is yet to be complete.

But following the explosion at Khafragarh in Burdwan and allegedly suspected activities in Shimulia Madrassah eye-brows were raised about the Khariji madrassahs in the district. State BJP president Rahul Sinha during his recent visit to Malda said that despite the warning of the UPA government, the state government did not take the right policy about such Khariji madrassahs.

It has been learnt from sources that now police have already started gathering information though verbally about the Khariji madrassahs in the district. A senior official of the district education department preferring anonymity on Tuesday said, “We were informally asked by police about the unrecognized madrassahs. But we have no information in this regard. What we can only furnish is the details of the 93 recognized madrassahs which are being run in strict adherence to the guidelines and policies of the state government and West Bengal Board of Madrassah Education.”

SP Prasun Banerjee, however, rubbished the matter. “We have never asked any education official to furnish details about any type of madrassahs,” Mr Banerjee said.

Meanwhile, the sources in the intelligence department have once again confirmed that the Khariji madrassahs in the district are under the lens and details about those institutions are being procured from numerous sources.

Monday, October 13, 2014

UGB in crisis after officiating registrar seeks release, rat race for the post begins

Malda, 13 October, 2014: University of Gour Banga (UGB) faces a fresh crisis after the registrar on additional charge Prof Shyamsundar Bairagya has sought release from his post to join Visva Bharati University (BU). Vice chancellor (VC) Prof Gopal Mishra, however, asked Prof Bairagya to continue as the registrar till an alternative is found.

It may be mentioned that since its inception in 2008 the UGB did not find a permanent registrar yet. The post was held by the teachers of the varsity from time to time except when Prof Bikash Mukherjee joined the post following the court’s order in January, 2013. However, the university council (UC) did not approve Prof Mukherjee’s appointment. Later, Prof Mukherjee reportedly moved to court again and the matter is still sub judice, GBU sources informed.

Meanwhile, the UGB authorities issued an advertisement seeking a permanent registrar and controller of examinations (COE) on 16 September. So, far 12 persons applied for those posts as learnt from UGB authorities.

But the recruitment process for registrar and COE has become uncertain again following a court’s order. Prof Bairagya said, “We received an order from high court on 29 September and we cannot go ahead now regarding the recruitment till 14 November with regard to the court’s order.”

However, Prof Bairagya conceded that he had already sought release from the additional charge of registrar. “I urged the VC in writing on 23 September to release me so that I can join Visva Bharati at the earliest,” he said.

Prof Mishra said, “It is true that Prof Bairagya has requested for his release as the registrar. But we cannot release him now. He has been competently working as the registrar. We hope, he would keep cooperating with us.”

Meanwhile, UGB sources informed that rat race has already began to get the post of the registrar after Prof Bairagya. A senior professor, an officer of the university who served as the officiating registrar before are among the few who have been reportedly running after the post soon after Prof Bairagya is released. Some of them have already started knocking the doors of the influential leaders of the ruling party and some top brass of the higher education department to be the registrar of the UGB at least on additional charge, sources informed.

Father in law accused of attempting to kill housewife

Malda, 13 October, 2014: A housewife Mampi Singh (26) was attempted to be killed allegedly by her father in law Baidyanath Singh at Madhyam Kendua village of Bulbulchandi gram panchayat in Habibpur police station on Monday morning. The seriously injured housewife was admitted to Malda Medical College Hospital (MMCH). The accused fled from the village after his son Subir Singh lodged a police complaint against him.

Police sources informed that Subir Singh married Mampi of Baishnabnagar seven years back and the couple got a girl three years back. In the written complaint Subir Singh informed police that on Monday morning his father Baidyanath suddenly got excited when requested to start his two-wheeler outside the house.
Injured housewife at MMCH on Monday (Photo: VoM)
Baidyanath allegedly attacked Subir first and when Mampi rushed to save her husband she received injury on her chest, abdomen and neck. A relative of the family Debashri Singha alleged that the father in law often had a tiff with his son and daughter in law. But no one imagined that he would be so furious as to attack them with sharp weapon. As Mampi raised hue and cry Baidyanath reportedly ran away before the neighbours could stop him.

SP, Prasun Banerjee said, “A man was accused of attempting to kill his daughter in law. The accused fled after the incident. We are trying to book him.”

Mob attack cops saving abduction accused's house from fury

Malda, 13 October, 2014: Police were attacked in a bid to prevent the villagers from ransacking the house one alleged abductor at Silampur village in Kaliachak police station last night. Six police personnel were injured and the police vehicle was ransacked by the infuriated mob. Later, a large contingent of police and combat force rushed to the spot and rescued the injured police personnel. Four persons were arrested in connection with the attack on police.

Police sources informed that a youth from Silampur village Saddam Sheikh (20) was allegedly abducted on 7 October night. Rs 10 lakh was reportedly demanded as the ransaom by the abductor. Latif Sheikh, the youth’s father lodged a police complaint.

The youth came back Sunday evening and claimed that his neighbour Royle Sheikh and his father Lutfar Rahman hatched the plot of his abduction. Saddam further claimed that the duo was regularly in touch with the abductors too.

Hearing this other villagers got infuriated and attacked the house of Lutfar Rahman with bamboo, rods and other weapons. The house was ransacked too.

As police came to know about the unrest, six police personnel rushed to the spot. But the aggrieved mob hindered them and started ransacking the police car. Police personnel were attacked too. Five of them were injured and rushed to local hospital. They were released after the primary treatment.

SP Prasun Banerjee said, “Four persons were arrested for organizing attack on police. Following the complaint of Latif Sheikh, Lutfar Rahman was arrested too. Police have been searching another accused Royle Sheikh who fled from the village.”

One arrested in Baishnabnagar explosion, Intelligence failure alleged

Malda, 13 October, 2014: Another gigantic blast in Baishnabnagar block of the district on Sunday after the one in English Bazaar on 5 October has raised several questions regarding the intelligence network of district police. Though none was arrested in connection to the blast at Narendrapur village in English Bazaar, police arrested Ismatara Bibi, the wife of Kamal Sheikh (56) from Bajeaptipara village of Binnagar II gram panchayat in Baishnabnagar after the crude bombs exploded in their house. Known as a Trinamul Congress activist Kamal Sheikh has however gone absconding since the blast.

Kamal Sheikh's house where the bombs went off on Sunday afternoon (Photo: VoM)
Just few hours before the Baishnabnagar-blast on Sunday state BJP president Rahul Sinha had alleged that Malda police were more busy belittling the blast in Narendrapur in English Bazaar than unearth the ploy. Interestingly, Sinha apprehended that ‘such indifference of police’ may lead to further blasts in the district and the Baishnabnagar blast was reported when the state BHP chief was still in Malda.

Police sources, however, informed that turf war between Trinamul factions has kept Bajeaptipara village rocking since long. The bombs were piled up at Kalam Sheikh’s house for using in the violence against another faction of the ruling party, police anticipate. Those bombs were kept in a pit next to Kamal’s room. The explosion was so severe that the earthen roof of the house was blown off. Kamal fled soon after those bombs went off.

Additional SP Abhishek Modi rushed to the spot quickly after the blast and recovered huge number of crude bombs from Kalam Sheikh’s house. His wife Ismatara Bibi was arrested and police started a case against her under section 3 (IV) of the explosive act. She was produced in court on Monday and the magistrate sent her to police custody for seven days.

Ismatara Bibi being taken to court on Monday (Photo: VoM)
District Trinamul president Dr Moazzem Hossain also virtually conceded that the unrest at Bajeaptipara village was the consequence Trinamul’s factional fight. “Both the gram panchayats of Binnagar are run by our party. The miscreants who have been flexing muscles there are introducing themselves as Trinamul supporters. We do not disown them too. But I requested the police to arrest the miscreants irrespective of their political colour,” Dr Hossain said.

CPI-M organized arally this evening demanding the arrest of the Trinamul miscreants involved in the blast.

SP Prasun Banerjee refused to comment on the allegation of ‘intelligence failure.’ Rather certifying the police action Banerjee said, “Additional SP reached the spot in merely 20 minutes after the blast. Bombs were recovered. A woman was arrested. We are interrogating her to get more information. Malda police have been dealing with such crimes with zero tolerance.”

BJP includes familiar face in Malda, Rahul Sinha meets MMCC

Malda, 12 October, 2014: Inclusion of a popular businessman and veteran sports lover Somesh Das to BJP in presence of party’s state president Rahul Sinha today is considered to be a masterstroke by BJP before the forthcoming municipal and assembly election. Mr Das who is popularly known as Gora was once a close associate of late Ghani Khan Choudhury. Though he was never in active politics, Mr Das had a congenial relation with the Trinamul Congress leaders particularly food processing and horticulture minister Krishnendu Choudhury. He is also an active member and portfolio holder of district sports association (DSA).
Somesh Das (extreme right) joins BJP on Sunday in presence of Rahul Sinha (Photo: Ujjwal Paul)
After joining the BJP, Das said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown that how the security and sovereignty of the country can be maintained with dignity. Besides, he has also inspired me with his leadership skill of taking the nation ahead with the key note of development. So, I felt the urge of serving the nation as a soldier of the BJP.”

State BJP president Sinha said, “In last Lok Sabha election BJP made an emphatic emergence in English Bazaar and Old Malda. Out of 25 municipal wards in English Bazaar, BJP was ahead in 23 wards. It was a clear mandate of the people that they want a transparent municipality by BJP. Joining of dignified and transparent personalities like Das would strengthen the BJP.”

Malda Merchant Chamber of Commerce (MMCC) members also met the state BJP president and requested him to play an instrumental role in developing the infrastructure of Malda and neighbouring districts.

MMCC president Jayanta Kundu said, “We requested Sinha to take initiative of constructing the 2nd bridge on Mahananda river in Malda beside completion of four-lane NH-34, the life-line of North Bengal.”

“We also requested him to look into setting up of an AIIMS-style hospital in Raiganj in North Dinajpur, declaring North Bengal as tax-free zone as North-east India and simplification of food safety standard act,” Kundu said.

BJP responses to Partha Chatterjee’s allegation, blames state govt for intelligence lapses

Malda, 12 October, 2014: 24 hours after the state education minister and Trinamul Congress spokesman Partha Chatterjee blamed the Central government for lax in border security, state BJP president Rahul Sinha today said that the state government should better explain how its intelligence failed to gather information regarding militant-activities in the state for a long time.

Sinha while speaking to the media on Sunday morning said that Congress-CPI-M alliance or Congress-Trinamul alliance was in Centre for ten years. Hence, Trinamul should not seek explanation from BJP regarding infiltration of militants into the country, Mr Sinha added.

He said, “It takes five minutes to cross the Indo-Bangla border. But Trinamul should explain how those militants and terrorists wove their net in the state over the years exposing the ignorance of the state intelligence. Many of those terrorists even got voter-card. Trinamul government should rather explain such huge lapse in state intelligence first than blaming the Centre.”

“CBI probe into Saradha chit-fund scam exposed the Trinamul leaders like Mukul Roy and Madan Mitra. The NIA probe would also unmask the Trinamul-Jamat-e-Islam alliance at the root. That is why the state government was so desperate to prevent NIA investigation to Burdwan blast,” the state BJP chief said.

He claimed that SP, Burdwan was trying to belittle the Burdwan incident and the NIA should see if he had a motive behind suppression of fact. Sinha claimed that Humayun Kabir was removed as SP, Murshidabad as many unpleasant truths would have come in public.
Rahul Sinha at Malda BJP office with district leadership on Sunday (Photo: Ujjwal Paul)
State BJP president claimed, “There are thousands of Khariji or unauthorized madrassahs in the state many of which are used for anti-national activities. Even the UPA government too warned against mushrooming of such madrassahs. Paying no heed to the warning the chief minister rather declared to recognize 10,000 Kharji madrassahs. Before doing anysuch detrimental thing, the CM should explain if there are 10,000 such madrassahs at all the state.”

Referring to recent blast at Narendrapur village in English Bazaar police station Sinha said, “Here also police tried to suppress the fact that there was Bangladesh connection behind the blast. NIA may probe into it also in connection to Burdwan blast.”

BJP state president said, “Only five per cent Muslim has got involved in terrorist activities and thus they are defaming the larger Muslim population. It is a ploy of Trinamul to tarnish the image of Muslim community. It is now the responsibility of the Muslim community to expose the terrorists and thus wash their hands off such bad names.”

Sinha hinted that BJP would drive with larger force in the forthcoming municipal and assembly election to oust Trinamul from the state.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Snake bite kills two of same family, negligence in treatment alleged

Malda, 10 October, 2014: A woman and her granddaughter died of snake bite at Kheria village od Sripur I gram panchayat in Ratua police station on Friday morning. However, family of the deceased alleged that negligence of Malda Medical College Hospital (MMCH) authorities in injecting anti-venom resulted in the death of the duo.

Police sources informed that Akhtara Bibi (50) and her granddaughter Khairunnesa (10) were sleeping on the same bed on Thursday night when a poisonous snake bit them. Akhtara Bibi’s husband Hefjur Rahman said that all rushed to their room and found Akhtara and Khairunnesa were writhing and screaming under the effect of poison.

The snake that kills two lives caught in Ratua (Photo: VoM)

With the help of the neighbours the snake-bite victims were rushed to MMCH at night only. The snake was caught too. But Rahman alleged that anti-venom was not instilled into his wife and granddaughter on urgent basis that resulted in the death of the duo.

MMCH vice principal and medical super Dr MA Rashis however denied the allegation. “The snake-bite victims were brought to hospital late and they were in vulnerable condition. Hence, despite the proper treatment the duo could not be survived,” Dr Rashid said. 

Police and admin clueless about number of unrecognized madrassahs, intelligence wings monitor

Malda, 10 October, 2014: Though the role of some unrecognized madrassahs are under scanner after the nation-storming Burdwan explosion, police and district administrations have no guess about the exact number of such institutions otherwise known as ‘Khariji’ madrassah in the district. Interestingly, most of those madrassahs despite the proposal of the state government were reportedly not keen to get the government recognition.

However, intelligence sources informed that such madrassahs have been mushrooming in Malda with a greater density in three blocks in Kaliachak proximate to India-Bangladesh border. Number of Khariji madrassahs in the district is nearly five times greater than the state government recognized and aided madrassahs.

It has been learnt from an official of West Bengal Board of Madrassah Education (WBBME) that there are 81 state government recognized and aided madrassahs in Malda and another 12 recognized but unaided madrassahs in Malda. Nearly 1 lakh students study in those government-recognized madrassahs.

However, the WBBME official could not ascertain the exact number of Khariji or Nijamia madrassahs located at different nook and corner of Malda. “I guess the number would be approximately 400,” he said.

Additional SP Abhishek Modi also could not provide the exact number of unrecognized private madrassahs in the district. “We do not have the figure with us now about the specific number of such madrassahs being run in Malda. We would see if the figure is available with the district administrations,” Modi said on Friday.

However, intelligence officials claimed that there are approximately 450 Khariji madrassahs in Malda and most of those are concentrated at areas like Sujapur, Shershahi, Kumbhira, Golapganj, Shashani, Alinagar and some other areas in Kaliachak block.

District officer of minority affairs (DOMA) Krishnava Ghosh said, “After the state government took the initiative of recognizingten thousand such madrassahs, BDOs were asked to submit the number of such institutions from their respective blocks. But the process did not progress later.”

“Though provisions were there for such institutions to get recognition from the state government only 90 unrecognized madrassahs applied and around 10 Khariji madrassahs already got it. We do not know why the other such madrassahs did not respond enthusiastically,” Ghosh added.

Though some Khariji madrassah authorities claimed that those institutions are run with the benevolent and modest financial help provided by the guardians of the students and other charitable locals, the intelligence officials anticipate that a number of such Khariji madrassahs get monetary aid from some international organizations abroad.. They believe that hence those Khariji madrassah authorities are not too keen to get the state government’s recognition as in that case the foreign financial help may be stopped.

The WBBME official informed that apart from English, Bengali and Mathematics, ‘Dwiniyat’ or religious education is largely imparted in these madrassahs along with Arbi and Urdu languages. “If these madrassahs are to get recognized by the state government, they are compelled to follow the government curriculum which they may not like mostly,” said an intelligence official.

However, the intelligence wings of the Central and state governments claimed to have started gathering information about the Khariji madrassahs as learnt from sources.