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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Minority Cong ZP board gets annual budget passed unanimously

Malda, 26 February, 2015: On the day the Union rail budget was tabled in the parliament, the minority Congress board in Malda Zilla Parishad (MZP) managed to get its annual budget without any hassle. Additional executive officer (AEO) of MZP Amalkanti Ray informed that with an increase of 10 percent compared to the previous year this year’s budget of Rs 319.47 crore was approved today.

It may be mentioned that out of 38 members in MZP the ruling Congress has only 16 members and Left Front also has the same number of member. Trinamul Congress has six members. Though Congress managed to get the support of two LF members while forming the board, the magic figure (20 members) could not be attained by the Congress run board.

Congress had to toil get the MZP budget passed in last financial year as the opposition parties raised several objections.

AEO Mr Ray said, “The budget of Rs 319,47,75,000 was unanimously passed this year. Indira Abas Yojana and Sachh Bharat Yojana have been emphasized in this year’s budget. Rs 7 cr received under Sachh Bharat Yojana has been completely utilized. Out of a target of 5, 08,660 toilets, 45,000 toilets have already been constructed.” 

BJP leader arrested on charge of raping minor girl

Malda, 26 February 2015: BJP president of Paschimpara booth committee at Laxmighat village of Narhatta gram panchayat in English Bazaar police station Emdadul Hoque (26) was arrested last night on the charge of raping a neighbouring minor girl alluring her with a toy yesterday.

It has been learnt from police sources that the youth allured the girl, a student of class II to his house tempting her with a toy. The girl reportedly fell sick and in face of questions asked by her parents the minor girl reportedly narrated her traumatic experience.

It was then her parents lodged a complaint with English Bazaar police station and police immediately sent the girl for medic al test and arrest the accused.

The minor girl being taken to court to record her confession on Thursday (Photo: VOM)

Trinamul Congress leader and panchayat member of Narhatta gram panchayat Nasimul Sheikh demanded that a mobile phone mechanic Emdadul should be given exemplary punishment.

On the other hand the district BJP president Sibendu Sekhar Roy claimed that Emdadul was a victim of conspiracy hatched by the Trinamul leaders. “His only fault is he actively works for the BJP. Police should hold an impartial probe into the matter,” Mr Roy said.

SP Prasun Banerjee said, “The youth was arrested on charge of raping a seven-year-old girl. Police have started a thorough investigation into the matter.” 

Kingpin of international two wheeler smuggling gang nabbed

Malda, 25 February 2015: English Bazaar police last night arrested one Nazrul Islam (40) who was claimed to be kingpin of international two-wheeler smuggling and fake currency peddling racket from Jhaljhalia area. He was sent to police custody for seven days after being produced in court today.

Police sources informed that at least seven two-wheelers were stolen from Englisah Bazaar police station areas alone in last seven days. A total of 20 complaints of two-wheeler theft were lodged with different police stations in the district too.

Police officials claimed that Nazrul, an inhabitant of Kumbhira village in Baishnabnagar police station used to run an interstate gang stealing vehicles. “He used to unlock the two wheelers with a master key and later separated the parts of those vehicles to smuggle those to Bangladesh and Nepal,” a cop official informed.

Nazrul has admitted his involvement in the smuggling racket as learnt from police sources. Police recovered fake currencies amounting Rs 50,000 too in denomination of 1000.

On Tuesday evening Nazrul reportedly went to Malda town station with some parts of a two-wheeler and fake currencies. Those parts and engine used to be sold against exuberant prices in Bangladesh and Nepal.

SP Prasun Banerjee said that the arrested person was being grilled to obtain the whereabouts of other members of the gang. 

Police register cases under non bailable sections against villagers for thrashing IC

Malda, 25 February, 2015: Police registered cases under non-bailable sections of the IPC against 45 persons including seven women in connection with assaulting the inspector in charge of Harischandrapur police station Babin Mukherjee yesterday. Meanwhile Bottoli and Konar villages of Bhingol gram panchayat are hardly left with any male resident who fled apprehending police raids.

It may be mentioned after death of a businessman in a road accident the residents of Bottoli and Konar villages blocked NH-81 yesterday alleging police inaction in curbing regular accidents at the locality. Mr Mukherjee with a large contingent of police went to the spot to lift the blockade. Soon an altercation followed between the IC and the obstinate villagers refusing to lift the blockade.

Mr Mukherjee was allegedly thrashed then by the villagers who counter alleged that the IC misbehaved with them and threatened with dire consequences. Later, sub divisional police officer (SDPO) Mr Kaustuvdipta Acharya rushed to the spot with RAF and additional police forces and rescued Mr Mukherjee.

SP Prasun Banerjee said today that cases under sections 307 (attempt to murder), 353 (hindering government work), 143 (unlawful gathering), 186 (provocation to organize crime), 332 and 333 (piling illegal arms and attack with sharp weapons) of the IPC were registered against 45 persons including seven women for roughing up the IC and blocking the National Highway.
Harischandrapur IC Babin Mukherjee after being thrashed by villagers on Tuesday (Photo VOM)

Mr Mukherjee today said, “I was narrowly saved yesterday. The attackers hit me with a knife too. They tried to kill me. I only asked them to lift the blockade and promised them that action would be taken against the lorry driver who was held by the villagers after the accidental death of the trader.”

He added that punches were showered upon him incessantly. “I identified some of the attackers including few women,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, police personnel of Harischandrapur police station on condition of anonymity said that it was difficult for them to face an infuriated mob generally as there were only 15 police personnel including the IC, three sub inspectors, two assistant sub inspectors and three constables. However, there are 477 villages under this police station adjacent to Bihar.

SP However refused to comment on police strength in interest of security. But he assured that offenders would be arrested soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cop officer thrashed again in Harischandrapur after death of trader in road accident

Malda, 24 February, 2015: Harischandrapur police faced the fury of an excited mob once again in last 24 hours when the inspector in charge (IC) Babin Mukherjee was roughed up allegedly by the villagers of Bottoli village who were demonstrating to protest against the accidental death of a businessman Mir Khalil (39). A large contingent of police and RAF led by sub divisional police officer (SDPO) Kaustuvdipta Acharya had to rush to the spot to rescue the IC from the clutch of the infuriated mob.

IC Babin Mukherjee after being manhandled by mob on Tuesday (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)
Road-blockade by mob in Harischandrapur on Tuesday (Photo: VoM)
It has been learnt from police sources that Khalil was knocked down by a speeding lorry and died on spot while he was going to Harischandrapur market by his two-wheeler around 8 am today. After the lorry overturned following the accident, the driver and helper allegedly tried to flee. However, some labourers working there grabbed them and locked up in a room.

Meanwhile, hundreds of villagers gathered at the spot and blocked the NH-81 with the body of the dead trader. A large contingent of police led by Mr Mukherjee reached the spot to lift the blockade. But soon a tiff followed between police and the obstinate mob who refused to lift the blockade.

Clash between mob and police in Harischandrapur on Tuesday (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)
It was then punches were showered on IC Mr Mukherjee from the crowd. The mob by then arranged bamboos and other weapons to fight against the police personnel. Another team of police rushed to rescue Mr Mukherjee but they were allegedly humiliated too. Later, SDPO Mr Acharjee with police and RAF went to the spot and reportedly after mild baton charge rescued the police personnel.

The villagers alleged that instead of showing any sympathy the IC rudely behaved with them.

Additional SP Abhishek Modi said, “The body of the businessman was sent for post mortem. Action would be taken against those who manhandled the police.” 

Mass copying continues on the Madhyamik 2nd day

Malda, 24 February, 2015: The second day of Madhyamik examinations witnessed formidable adoption of unfair means and rampant supply of chits containing answers to the examinees taking their English examinations. Interestingly, in addition to their male counterparts the women too were found helping students in mass copying at different schools.

Police personnel and the education officials had a tough job in prohibiting the answer-suppliers from entering the examination venues. In some cases police even had to reportedly baton charge to maintain the sanctity of the board examination.

Despite claiming that examination was conducted flawlessly in most of the schools, the district inspector of schools – secondary education (DIS-SE) Asish Choudhury assured that further measures would be taken to prevent mass copying in those schools wherefrom the complaints poured in today.

Police personnel had a scuffle with the outsiders at Enayetpur EA high school today. The outsiders were allegedly supplying chits to the examinees. Police had to reportedly charge batons to disperse them. Ten such copy suppliers were detained by police.

Copy supply by outsiders in Malda school on Tuesday (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)

Police and RAF chasing the copy suppliers on Tuesday (Photo: VoM)
Santa Debya high school at Kajigram gram panchayat area in English Bazaar police station too was dominated by the chit-suppliers including women. They were found mounting the school building to throw the chits to the examinees conveniently. Police allegedly remained mute spectators initially but later chased the outsiders as media personnel arrived near the school. However, the chit suppliers did not seem to be discouraged by police action and kept supplying answers to the examinees utilizing any possible opportunity.
Copy suppliers punished by police
RNG Valika Vidyapith in Ratua I block also was disturbed by the advent of the copy suppliers today. They were found reading out the answers to the examinees sitting near the windows. Some of the copy suppliers were allegedly found loitering at the roof of the school too.

DIS-SE Mr Choudhury said, “Barring a few instances the examination was conducted smoothly and peacefully. District police and administrations have been strongly monitoring the examination venues. With the help of all mass copying could be successfully prevented.”

Additional SP Abhishek Modi said, “Police chased the copy suppliers and outsiders in some schools to maintain law and order. But nowhere police resorted to baton-charge. Ten persons were arrested for helping in adoption of unfair means.

Ghani Khan Engineering Institute ransacked by students

Malda, 24 February, 2015: Alleging that they have not been awarded certificates even four years after passing the examinations hundreds of aggrieved students of Ghani Khan Choudhury Institute of Engineering and Technology (GKCIET) today went on ransacking the properties of the institute’s Laxmipur campus in English Bazaar police station to the complete helplessness of the authorities. As the studies in this Central government funded institute came to a halt following the violent agitation, the future of nearly 500 students has become uncertain.

The aggrieved students today ravaged the offices of the officer-on-special-duty (OSD), and the registrar as well as the computer laboratory. Chairs, tables, computers and other properties could not escape the wrath of the students. They also burnt the effigy of the OSD in front of the campus.

They students alleged that they were not awarded the certificates for last four years. Most of us have been suffering from depression as our future seems to be bleak without the certificates, they said. The students further alleged that despite their repeated pleas the GKCIET authorities could not specify time of offering the certificates to the deserving students.

It has been learnt from GKCIET sources that in January this year the students being at their wit’s end cautioned the authority that they would resort to indefinite strike if they did not receive the certificates immediately. However, the authority could not arrange to distribute the certificate even then. Eventually the students resorted to strike from Monday.

OSD of the institute Prashanta Sarkar claried that the issuing certificates was a problem since the term of the board of governors (BOG) of the institute ended in August, 2014. Mr Abu Naser Khan Choudhury, a Congress MLA from Sujapur and brother of late Ghani Khan Choudhury was the chairman of the BOG.

As GKCIET is under the human resources development ministry of the Union government, the chairman of BOG is appointed by the ministry. Mr Khan Choudhury’s tenure was not extended further by the Union government.

Presently the director of National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur Prof Tarakeswar Kumar has been working as the mentor director of GKCIET. Mr Khan Choudhury informed that the matter was brought to the notice of the Union government already.

It may be mentioned that GKCIET founded in 2010 offered certificate cources initially and later the diploma courses too. In 2014 the President of India Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the new building of the institute and declared introduction of B Tech courses as well.

Presently there are 500 students pursuing 13 courses including 180 students pursuing degree courses in seven subjects. There are 200 employees including 150 contractual workers. 33 teachers have been teaching in the GKCIET now. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Cops confined, vehicle ransacked by villagers infuriated with theft spree in Harischandrapur

Malda, 23 February, 2015: Irked with theft spree at Bhingol gram panchayat in Harischandrapur police station approximately 90 km from here the locals confined the cops at the panchayat office and ransacked the police vehicles today around 8.30 am. Sub divisional police officer (SDPO) Kaustavdeep Acharya had to rush to the spot to rescue the police personnel with an effort of four hours.

It has been learnt from local sources that the residents of Bhingol village found this morning that theft attempts were made at the branch of a rural bank and a neighbouring grocery shop. Excitement immediately rocked the locality. As soon as a team of police from Harischandrapur police station led by assistant sub inspector Goutam Mahato reached the spot to take stock of the situation, the enraged villagers stopped them from holding the enquiry.

The ASI and six other police personnel were taken to the panchayat office where they were kept confined. Another section of villagers started showering stones at the police jeep and the windscreen of the vehicle was severely damaged.
Photo: VoM

The locals claimed that similar theft attempt was made at the same bank on 19 December. Though the vault could not be broken, some crucial documents were damaged by the gang of thieves. Valuables were stolen from the house of a businessman Subal Das living at the same locality. Theft occurred at the house of a former elected official of Harischandrapur I panchayat samity Harihar Das at Bhingol village on 9 February. According to the villagers police could not crack any of those cases.

Another two theft attempts at the same village infuriated the villagers further and the police personnel had to face the music today.

Harihar Das said, “Such consecutive theft at the locality indicates gross inaction of police. Locals are reeling under a sense of acute insecurity.”

Biman Basak, former head of Bhingol gram panchayat alleged that police never patrol at the locality which turned the village into paradise for criminals.

In face of the enraged demonstration of the villagers SDPO Mr Acharya assured that police would consider setting a camp at the village. He added that police were probing into the matter. He also slammed the confinement of police personnel and ransacking the police vehicle.

Additional SP Abhishek Modi conceded that police personnel were confined by villagers who ransacked the police vehicle too. However Mr Modi added that decision of lodging a complaint for such action by villagers was under consideration.

DM to DI - all on the street on Madhyamik 1st day, Mass copying found in Manikchak

Malda, 23 February, 2015: The first day of the Madhyamik examination did not go too well in the district as mass copying was found in some rural schools of the district. Though DM Sharad Dwivedi, ADM (general) Debotosh Mandal, additional SP Abhishek Modi and district inspector of schools – secondary education (DIS-SE) Asish Choudhury inspected numerous examination venues, mass copying could not be prevent at some areas.

Adopting unfair means was random at Enayetpur EA high school in Manikchak. 359 candidates from Sahebnagar high school and Kalindri high school were taking examination at Enayetpur school.

Withing 30 minutes from the commencement of the examination outsiders were found gathering at the vicinity of the venue and soon the started supplying chits to the examinees. Even the copy suppliers mounted the school building and provided the examinees chits containing answers freely.

Civic volunteers posted there were indifferent and the mass copying continued without any restriction. No police personnel was present at the venue and there was reportedly no arrangement for video recording the entire examination process.

Headmaster of the school Mohammed Ibrahim said that controlling the law and order situation outside was not possible for him. Rather he expressed discontent as school was chosen as the venue for for Madhyamik and Higher Secondary examinations.

Reports of mass copying came from some schools in Harischandrapur and Ratua blocks also.

DIS-SE Mr Choudhury said, “The alleged mass copying at Enayetpur high school was a stray incident. Administrative head to police officials and the education department officers were on the road to ensure smooth and peaceful conduction of Madhyamik examination.”

He however added that security would be beefed up and camera-persons would be deployed at Enayetpur school from the next examination day.

Meanwhile, an examinee Maria Khatun, 16 could not take examination after she met with an accident on way to the venue at Bangitola high school today. She was rushed to Malda Medical College Hospital.

Mr Choudhury informed that 22,629 boys and 22,104 girls are taking Madhyamik examinations from Malda this year. “A total of 44,733 candidates appeared for Madhyamik examinations at 118 venues (schools) under 18 centres. CCTVs have been installed in most vulnerable 18 schools,” he added.

District Youth TMC President accused of slapping youth saving wife from molestation

Malda, 23 February, 2015: District chief of youth Trinamul Congress Amlan Bhaduri has been accused of slapping a youth who was trying to rescue his wife from the attack of a gang of molesters in religious fair organized at a stone throw distance from the residence of relief and rehabilitation minister Sabitri Mitra. A police complaint was lodged with English Bazaar police station against Mr Bhaduri today.

The senior Trinamul leader has no wonder refuted the allegation claiming that he was at least 90 km away from the spot at the time of the ‘fabricated incident’ and Mrs Mitra claimed that she was in dark about what happened at the fair.

The Shiva fair started on 17 February at Puratuli Sadarghat area in English Bazaar police station on 17 February. The fair would be continued for 15 days as learnt from the organizers. Thousands of devotees have been visiting the fair regularly. While Mr Bhaduri is the chief organizer of the fair Mrs Mitra is a patron of the fair committee.

The housewife from Kutubpur area in English Bazaar police station alleged that she went to visit the fair on Sunday night around 8.30 pm with her husband, a television and fridge mechanic. She was allegedly teased by the by some youths when her husband protested and tried to rescue the housewife.
Amlan Bhaduri defending himself before media on Monday (Photo: Sudip Roy Choudhury)

In the written complaint lodged with police the housewife claimed that suddenly Mr Bhaduri turned up on the spot and instead of taking any action against the molesters allegedly slapped her husband and drove the couple away.

Husband of the housewife too alleged that Mr Bhaduri’s action dismayed him. He further alleged that while he and his wife went to English Bazaar police station to lodge a complaint against Bhaduri, the youth Trinamul president threatened his parents and asked them not to lodge any police complaint.

Mr Bhaduri said, “It was a ploy to defame by some people with a motive to disperse the religious fair. I was in Harischandrapur last evening. The allegation is completely baseless.” He added that a thorough probe would reveal the truth.

Mrs Mitra said, “I was not at home at the time of the alleged incident. Hence, I do not know what happened. But it may be an attempt to defame Mr Bhaduri. Police should impartially enquire into the matter.”

Additional SP Abhishek Modi, “A complaint regarding an alleged incident at Puratuli area was lodged with English Bazaar police station last night. The matter is being probed into.”

Dissident TMC leaders revolt against new committees in the district

Malda,22 February, 2015: Dissidence has severely erupted among the senior Trinamul Congress leaders within 72 hours of declaration of the new block committes in the district. Irked after being replaced at least five former block Trinamul presidents have virtually declared war against the district leadership.

They are now getting ready to ventilate their grudges to party's observer for district Subhendu Adhikari seeking his intervention to set the Trinamul in order in Malda.

Former Trinamul president of Kaliachak III block Nalep Ali, who has been replaced by Naliniranjan Sarkar, said, "I started organizing Trinamul at all 225 booths of 14 gram panchayats in Baishnabnagar. I wonder if such organizing skill demoted me. The profile of the new president is too ordinary and grass root workers are losing morale. I would convey their frustrations to Mr Subhendu Adhikari soon."

Baishisthya Trivedi, the axed block Trinamul president of Old Malda too  has reacted strongly after Bibhuti Ghosh has been nominated as the new president of Old Malda municipal areas and Jahar Ghosh was given charge for the rural areas. "I am the oldest soldier of the party here. But those leaders who joined the Trinamul merely few months back have been made the leadrs. Common party workers have already started demonstrating against such a detrimental decision. I would pass on their disgust to Subhendu Adhikari," Mr Trivedi said.

Former block president of Harischandrapur II block Tobarak Hossain, Chanchal II former president Prasanta Das, former president of Chanchal I block Mohammed Samim too have revolted against their replacements - Dr Saidur Rahman, Abdul Hai and Mojahar Hossain respectively.

While Tobarak Hossain claimed that a homeopathic physician Dr Rahman would hardly be able to sustain Trinamul organization, Mr Das and Mr Samim questioned the skill of their successors in leading the party as block presidents. They also warned that party might face severe outburst of dissidence from booth level workers if the district leadership banked on their new choices.

The district Trinamul president Dr Moazzem Hossain declared the names of new block presidents on 20 February. Except Bamangola block and English Bazaar municipal area names of presidents and working presidents were approved by the state leadership as Dr Hossain claimed.

He however refused to pay any heed to the protesting former leaders. "The committees were formed with the approval of the state committee and the designated observer. Hence, all have to abide by the new leaders and any dissidence would be ignored," he said.

Two ministers from the district Krishnendu Choudhury and Sabitri Mitra, who are reportedly happy with the new committees after their loyalists found berths, said, Party's decision is final. Those who are protesting against new committees must not forget the party's discipline. Interestingly both the ministers consciously maintained distance from Dr Hossain till the latter reconstituted the block committees. However they have reportedly burry the hatchet being pleased with accommodation of their followers in the new block committees 

Stringent measures to prevent unfair means during Madhyamik exam

Malda, 19 February, 2015: The district education officials in collaboration with district administration and police department has designed a blueprint to check unfair means during the Madhyamik examinations to be commenced on and from 23 February.

In addition to installing close circuit television (CCTV) cameras at several sensitive examination centres, police personnel would be patrolling around most of such venues. Even in some cases cops with binoculars would posted on the roof of some of the schools where mass copying occurred during the board examinations in previous years.

District inspector of schools – secondary education (DIS-SE) Mr Asish Choudhury has already discussed the preparations necessary for smooth conduction of the examinations with the DM Mr Sharad Dwivedi and the SP Mr Prasun Banerjee.

Mr Choudhury informed that 22,629 boys and 22,104 girls would appear for the Madhyamik examinations from Malda. “A total of 44,733 candidates would take the Madhyamik examinations at 118 venues (schools) under 18 centres. CCTVs would be installed in most vulnerable 18 schools but we cannot disclose the list of those centres in the interest of smooth conduction of examinations,” the DIS-SE added.

He added that several meetings had taken place with the district administration and the top police officials of the district. In meetings with DM Mr Dwivedi, SP Mr Banerjee and SDO (Sadar) Mrs Nandini Saraswati it has been resolved that the best possible arrangements would be made to prevent mass copying.

“Police officials have assured us that security personnel would be deployed around the examination-venues also,” Mr Choudhury said.

Chairman of English Bazaar municipality Krishnendu Choudhury said, “Vehicular movements would be restricted during the examination days. No heavy vehicle would be allowed to ply within the municipal areas.” “Adequate number of traffic personnel has already been engaged to maintain the smooth flow of traffic by us. Special vigil would be maintained during the examination days,” Mr Choudhury added.

SP Mr Banerjee said that he would himself on road to monitor the traffic movement if necessary. “Mass copying would be prevented by police. Police personnel would be patrolling frequently around the examination centres so that people cannot gather within 200 meters of the examination venues,” the SP added. 

Housewife tortured by husband had hands chopped by brother

Malda, 18 February, 2015: A housewife allegedly discarded both her husband and brother was admitted to Malda Medical College Hospital (MMCH) today after her brother allegedly chopped both of her hands. Along with serious injuries the housewife Ratna Biswas (29) was now suffering from the worry about her destination after release from the hospital.

It has been learnt from police sources that Ratna was married to a driver Soumitra Biswas from Madhyam Kendua village in Habibpur police station ten years back. The couple has a seven-year old son too.

The housewife alleged today that since long her husband and in-laws started torturing her mentally and physically. Finally, she was allegedly driven out by her husband Soumitra and in-laws and took shelter at her mother’s house in south Dinajpur.

According to her on Tuesday morning Pijush Bhowmick, her elder brother, a lorry driver on return from Mumbai became furious seeing his sister Ratna at house. “He started hacking me under a fit of rage and my both hands were seriously injured. As I yelled my neighbours rushed to my rescue and admitted me to MMCH,” Mrs Biswas said.

She said that she was still in dark about where to go as both her husband and brother refused to accommodate her.

SP Prasun Banerjee said, “As the incident occurred in south Dinajpur, the police of the concerned district have been informed accordingly.” 

Accused BSF personnel still at large, IG constitutes probe committee

Malda, 18 February. 2015: BSF jawan Vasant Singh who is accused of gunning down his colleague Mulchand Ram and injuring three other BSF personnel yesterday is still at large despite the police and the BSF have been reportedly comb hunting him. Meanwhile, inspector general (IG) of South Bengal frontier Sandip Solanki has ordered a high level enquiry committee to probe into the firing at BSF headquarter of 20th battalion BSF in Baishnabnagar police station as learnt from BSF sources.

It may be mentioned that Vasant Singh after killing his colleague Mulchand and injuring three other BSF personnel – Prabhakar Bose, Jamal Sheikh and Surender Kumar, fled from the BSF headquarter reportedly in uniform and with an insas rifle. BSF authorities lodged a written complaint against him with Baishnabnagar police station.

SP Peasun Banerjee said that a thorough investigation was underway and police were trying all means to arrest the accused BSF jawan at the earliest.

Meanwhile Mr Solanki visited the injured BSF personnel in a private nursing home and spoke to the doctors. Later, he said, “It was an unfortunate incident that a BSF jawan was killed and three others were injured at BSF headquarter in Baishnabnagar. The matter was informed to police. Along with police probe BSF authorities are also holding a separate investigation.” He added that the condition of the three injured jawans was serious and they were under treatment in critical care unit (CCU).
IG-BSF Sandip Solanki speaking to reporters after meeting injured jawans on Tuesday
However, Mr Solanki refused to divulge the cause of firing claiming that nothing can be said definitely before the investigation report is submitted.

It has been learnt from BSF sources that senior BSF officials like DIG of Malda range Mr Raj Singh Rathore, commandant of 20th battalion BSF Shyamsundar Basadda are in the investigation committee of the BSF. BSF sources further informed that Vaant Singh even blank fired several rounds after firing rampant at the BSF headquarter.

SP Mr Banerjee informed police had been searching the accused BSF jawan by circulating his photograph. 

Three minors arrested for molesting school girls

Malda, 17 February, 2015: Three minors were arrested in connection with molestation of three school girls at Raipur area in English Bazaar police station yesterday. After the families of those girls lodged police complaint, those three minors were arrested.

It may be mentioned that those three girl-students from Jote Gobindapur village in Malda police station were returning from school on Monday afternoon when they were reportedly stopped and molested by three minors. Even the girls were reportedly beaten with sleepers by the accused. Those girls were students of class X, IX and VI of Jaharatala high school at Raipur area in English Bazaar police station.

The girls were reportedly rescued by the locals and rushed to Malda Medical College Hospital (MMCH) in the evening. Food processing minister and chairman of English Bazaar municipality Mr Krishnendu Choudhury went to MMCH to speak to the girls and their family-members.
Minister Krishnendu Choudhury speaking to police in MMCH after visiting the molested minor girls on Monday night (Photo: VoM)

Later Mr Choudhury asked the police to arrest the culprits without any delay. Police arrested three minors aged 10 years, 14 years and 15 years at night.

Those minors were produced at juvenile board today and were released against bond of Rs 2,000 as learnt from the court sources.

Meanwhile the families of those girls are still reeling under scare after the incident. They said that they would further consider to send their daughter to school.

SP Prasun Banerjee said that three minors were arrested in connection with molestation of three girls on Monday. 

BSF jawan guns down one colleague, injures three

Malda, 17 February, 2015: Random firing by a BSF jawan at headquarters of 20th battalion BSF in Baishnabnagar police station approximately 35 km from here killed another BSF jawan while three other BSF personnel were seriously injured. The deceased jawan was identified as Mulchand Ram (38). Three other jawans - Prabhakar Bose (40), Jamal Sheikh (34) and Surender Kumar (40) are under treatment in a private nursing home in English Bazaar where condition of Bose was stated to be quite critical.

The company commandant of 20th battalion BSF Shyamsundar Basadda lodged a written complaint against the accused BSF Vasant Singh who reportedly fled after the incident. According to the complaint during the shift in duty on Tuesday early morning Vasant Singh entering headquarter of 20th battalion BSF started firing rampantly from his insas rifle which he collected from armoury. However, the reason behind the firing was not specified in the complaint.

It has been learnt from BSF sources that change in the duty shift was being made quite late at night. Five BSF personnel are posted at the gate of the BSF headquarter in Baishnabnagar. However, the accused jawan Vasant Singh without reporting the duty entered the mess for the jawans around 3.30 am today where four other jawans were getting ready for the duty. Suddenly Vasant opened fire at random. The other jawans and officers of BSF rushed to the spot hearing the sound of firing. They found bodies of four jawans pierced with bullets were lying on the floor.

Immediately they were rushed to a nursing home where Mulchand Ram was declared brought dead. BSF sources informed that deceased Mulchand and accused Vasant developed a rivalry between them over distribution of money collected from cattle smugglers. Vasant joined his duties only four days back after being on leave. However, the BSF officials were tightlipped over the cause of firing by Vasant Singh.

It has been further learnt from BSF dources that Mulchand is a native of Jhunjhun district in Rajasthan. He was shot on his right shoulder and hand. His body was sent for post mortem. The accused Vasant Singh is a native of Mobina district in Madhyapradesh.

The nursing home authorities where the three jawans are under treatment informed that there are bullet injuries on the abdomen, leg, waist and knee of the injured soldiers. Condition of Prabhakar Bose was stated to be critical. One of his kidneys was amputated. A surgeon of the nursing home informed that the injured soldiers suffered from heavy bleeding. There were infused with four to five unit of blood.

DIG of BSF Malda sector Raj Singh Rathore conceded the death of one jawan and serious injuries of three others in firing at Baishnabnagar BSF headquarter. However, Mr Rathore did not comment as to why accused jawan indulged in firing.

SP Prasun Banerjee said that police started a thorough probe after receiving written complaint from the BSF authorities. 

Patient missing from MMCH found from pond

Malda, 16 February, 2015: An under treatment patient missing from Malda Medical College Hospital (MMCH) was recovered from a nearby pond after four hours today. The patient Muskerul Islam (20) was admitted to MMCH again reportedly in a serious condition. The incident has raised question regarding the security in MMCH again.

It has been learnt from MMCH sources that the youth from Achintola village of Pukhuria police station was injured in a road accident few months back. He was under treatment at his house since then. But recently he developed sort of depression in him and tried to commit suicide by consuming pesticide on 14 February. He was rushed to MMCH.

But he went missing from male medical ward in MMCH last night around 8 pm. The family members immediately drew the attention of MMCH authorities as well as police. After hunting for long Muskerul was recovered from a pond at the vicinity of MMCH.

Asgar Ali, a relative of the patient said, “When I returned after buying medicines for him, I found that Muskerul was not on his bed. I immediately knocked the nurses and other health staff. Later he was rescued from a pond.”

Medical super cum vice principal of MMCH Dr MA Rashid said that fiure brigade personnel rescued the patient from the pond. It was being looked into how the patient left the hospital. 

TMC leaders found 25 ft tall Shiva idol, BJP smells politics

Malda, 15 February, 2015: Trinamul Congress minister Sabitri Mitra and district youth Trinamul president Amlan Bhaduri founded a 25-feet tall idol  of Lord Shiva on the eve of Maha Shiva Ratri which has no wonder draws flak from the opposition.

However, thousands of devotees of Lord Shiva gathered at Puratuli Sadarghat area in English Bazaar municipality area to witness the tallest Shiva idol in the district. A fair has also been organized by Mrs Mitra and Mr Bhaduri which further gathered people from different parts of English Bazaar town.

Mrs Mitra said, “People of the locality were long demanding a Shiva temple here which would help them to reach them without any hassle. We only tried to honour their demand.”
 Mr Bhaduri said, “We are happy to fulfill the aspiration of thousands of citizens. Now it would be easier for them to observe the religious rituals of Shiva Ratri easily. A fair has started also and it would continue for a fortnight.”
Ministers Sabitri Mitra, Krishnendu Choudhury and district youth Trinamul Congress president Amlan Bhaduri with an artiste impersonating Lord Shiva on Tuesday in English Bazaar (Photo: VoM)

BJP has however smelt politics behind the “apparent” piousness of the Trinamul leaders. “We just wonder why Trinamul leaders chose this year to found the Shiva statue! It may be their last resort to fetch votes in the ensuing municipality election,” said district BJP general secretary Manabendra Chakraborty.

“But such fake piousness would hardly enable them to be through in the civic poll. BJP was ahead in 23 wards in English Bazaar municipality in last Lok Sabha election. So Trinamul has been day-dreaming,” Mr Chakraborty added.

Mr Bhaduri, a former BJP leader on the other hand refuted the political logic. “Trinamul’s victory in Bongaon and Krishnaganj is the only befitting reply for the unnecessary criticism by the BJP,” Mr Bhaduri said. 

Arpita and Debesh to form a new theatre group in Malda

Malda, 16 February, 2015: Unlike CPI-M Trinamul Congress did not have its own bandwagon of intelligentsias who once formed Gana Natya Sangha. It was only after people like myself and Debesh Chatterjee came closer to Trinamul, the party has now its some theatre groups of its own, said MP and theatre personality Arpita Ghosh here today while addressing the media on the formation of her new theatre team in Malda.

“A similar group under the banner Dinajpur Theatre Company was constituted few months back and the response was encouraging. When a similar approach came from Amlan VBhaduri and Sumala Agarwalla, I immediately grasped it and thus Malda Theatre Company (MTC) is going to emerge soon,” Ms Ghosh said at district library this evening. Another famous theatre personality Debesh Chattapadhyay was also present with Ms Ghosh.
Arpita Ghosh with Debesh Chatterjee (on her right) during a media briefing on Monday (Photo: VoM) 

She informed that the audition for those theatre-enthusiasts who want to participate in the plays to be produced by MTC would be held on 8 March in the district. However, she refused to accept that MTC would act as an wing of the ruling party when asked whether association of Trinamul leaders like Mr Bhaduri or Miss Agarwalla would politicize the character of the newly formed theatre group.

Ms Ghosh who is still under the scanner of the enforcement directorate for her alleged proximity with ill-famed Saradha chit fund company claimed that the victory of Trinamul Congress in bi-election in Bongaon parliamentary constituency and Krishnaganj assembly constituency showed that negative propaganda by media and the opposition parties did not cast the least effect on the people.

Five-member committee to lead TMC in EBM poll

Malda, 15 February, 2015: A five-member committee has been constituted for leading the Trinamul Congress in the district. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee herself nominated the members of the committee as learnt from party sources.

Along with two ministers Krishnendu Choudhury and Sabitri Mitra, district Trinamul president Dr Moazzem Hossain, district Trinamul working president Dulal Sarkar and district youth Trinamul president Amlan Bhaduri have found berth in the new committee.

A senior member of the committee informed that the committee was formed on 14 February by the party supremo Miss Banerjee herself. The observer of the party Subhendu Adhikari would meet the committee members on 19 February to review the political situation in Malda before the municipality election to be held on 25 April.

It has been learnt that the chief minister has tried to maintain a balance while forming the committee as Trinamul like other districts is divided in numerous factions in Malda as well.

It has been further observed by a senior district Trinamul Congress leader that the CM has also restricted the sovereignty of the minister and English Bazaar municipality (EBM) chairman Krishnendu Choudhury who led the party in the municipality with his singular skill so far.

It may be mentioned that there are 29 wards in EBM this time and four new wards have been created by breaking four old wards. It may be mentioned that BJP was ahead in 23 wards in EBM in the last Lok Sabha election. Hence, the ensuing municipality election is being regarded as an ordeal for the ruling party.